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How to order your CD! Read this!

Hey everyone,

Lucid Grey prefers that you buy our music directly from our website store or Digstation. http://www.digstation.com/AlbumDetails.aspx?albumID=ALB000064297

Eucatastrophe is also available at iTunes and AmazonMp3. We will have more online stores so check back soon for details.

Thanks guys,


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Order your CD today people!

Hey guys,

Though we prefer it if you buy a CD directly from this site (from the LG shop), we are excited that our album is now available on iTunes, and Amazonmp3. Also look for them in the next couple of weeks on CDbaby, Shockhound.com, eMusic, and Napster.

Please spread the word. We are big believers in word of mouth promotion so tell all your friends, family, and acquaintances about us.



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The Official Release 1/1/11

Hello friends and fans,

The official release of "Eucatastrophe" happens this Tuesday, 1/1/11! That will be the last day for the preorder price people. Digital downloads will be available shortly after on lucidgrey.com, digstation.com, iTunes, and CD Baby. If you haven't made your order please do not delay. We are currently planning touring for the 2011 year so keep your eyes peeled also for the upcoming shows. Also, we will be updating the Lucid Grey store with t-shirts and such. Have a great 2011 along with us you guys.



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Just updating everyone on the status of the new cd. The cd is almost done and ready to ship! The folks over at discmakers are hard at work in making sure that the disc is quality and the artwork is perfect. It has been a long hard journey for us "the band" as well as Brian over at dboy designs. We want the cd to reflect the hardwork by all parties involved, so an extra week or so taken to achieve this task is necessary. The disc WILL be ready for shipping in the next two weeks. If you have pre-ordered a copy, be expecting it. If you haven't, What are you waiting for!!? This disc will also be up on itunes! That announcement will follow the release im sure! Thanks to everyone again for your patience, its worth the wait! Once again spread the word! -g-

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The year ending

1st We want to thank everyone whom has supported us in any way. Thanks to everyone who came out to our last few shows for the year too! This upcomming year hopefully will produce new big things for the Lg family. The new cd is almost out, and the new Lg store will be up and running! ( "JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS"!) Big thanks to BRIAN @ dboy-designs for all of the hard work that he is doing for us... give him props.. We also will be working with A1 entertainment alot this year, so make sure you stay posted to our upcomming tour dates and news! SPREAD THE WORD, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! thanks again looking forward to the new adventures this new year!!  -g-

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