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Lucid Grey on TV!!!

"Lucid Grey inks licensing agreements with the following networks and TV shows"

We are excited to announce that the entire album of "Eucatastrophe" has been licensed for use in the following TV programs or channels:
      (NOTE TO FANS: Starting June 1, 2011 we need all our friends and fans to join in the game of "Where's Lucid Grey!?!?" Much like "Where's Waldo?" or Sasquatch Sightings we are calling out the troops to let us know when they hear Lucid Grey music on the following TV programs or stations. Just sign up on our site and let us know when you heard it and which show/channel! You can also let us know on facebook or twitter. Spread the word that Lucid Grey is on the move.)

1. Fox Sports Network
2. Speed TV
3. Big-10 Network
4. NFL Network
5. NFL Films
6. Versus
7. CSN
8. G4
9. NASCAR Media Group
10. ESPN
11. Discovery Channel
12. Investigation Channel
13. Animal Planet
14. Science Channel
15. Planet Green
17. Military Channel
18. Discovery HD Theater
19. Discovery Health Channel
20. Oprah Winfrey Network - that's right...Oprah!
21. The Hub
22. 3Net
23. Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
24. Nitro Circus
25. Parental Control
26. 10 On Top
27. Cribs
28. Teen Cribs
29. True Life
30. My Life As Liz
31. My Super Sweet 16


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LG Radio Call In - Free Shipping

Hey Everyone, We are extending our offer of FREE SHIPPING through April due to our radio success across the US and Canada.

To but the discounted CD go to http://www.lucidgrey.com/store/

To give us some love find a station near you and CALL and REQUEST.


Step 1 - Find the stations near you below on the list.

Step 2 - Enter in the call letters @  www.radio-locator.com

Step 3 - Call the number and request Lucid Grey!


BearCast - Cincinnati, OH
CFMU - Hamilton, ON
CHMR - St. John's, NF
CHUO - Ottawa, ON
CSCR - Scarborough, ON
KAFM - Grand Junction, CO
KAMP - Tucson, AZ
KANM - College Station, TX
KBBI - Homer, AK
KBHU - Spearfish, SD
KBSU - Boise, ID
KCSS - Turlock, CA
KCSU - Fort Collins, CO
KDUP - Portland, OR
KDWG - Dillon, MT
KEOL - La Grande, OR
KFAI - Minneapolis, MN
KGAR - Lemoore, CA
KJACK - Flagstaff, AZ
KKCR - Hanalei, HI
KKSM - San Marcos, CA
KLPI - Ruston, LA
KMET - Denver, CO
KMNR - Rolla, MO
KMSU - Mankato, MN
KMUD - Redway, CA
KNWD - Natchitoches, LA
KQAL - Winona, MN
KRCX - Denver, CO
KRFC - Fort Collins, CO
KRFP - Moscow, ID
KRSC - Claremore, OK
KRUI - Iowa City, IA
KSCL - Shreveport, LA
KSHU - Huntsville, TX
KSJS - San Jose, CA
KSLU - St. Louis, MO
KSYM - San Antonio, TX
KTCV - Kennewick, WA
KURA - Ouray, CO
KUST - St. Paul, MN
KUWS - Superior, WI
KWCR - Ogden, UT
KWLC - Decorah - IA
KXUL - Monroe, LA
KXZY - Stillwater, OK
Lasell College - Newton, MA
M3 Radio - New York, NY
Radio Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ
Radio UTD - Richardson, TX
SCAD - Atlanta, GA
VIC Radio - Ithaca, NY
WARC - Meadville, PA
WASU - Boone, NC
WAUG - Rock Island, IL
WBNY - Buffalo, NY
WBOR - Brunswick, ME
WCBE - Columbus, OH
WCCS - Norton, MA
WCCX - Waukesha, WI
WCNI - New London, CT
WCUR - West Chester, PA
WCVF - Fredonia, NY
WCVM - Morrisville, NY
WCWM - Williamsburg, VA
WCWP - Brookville, NY
WDUB - Granville, OH
WECS - Willimantic, CT
WEOS - Geneva, NY
WFDU - Teaneck, NJ
WFNP - New Paltz, NY
WGTB - Washington, DC
WHCL - Clinton, NY
WIDB - Carbondale, IL
WIDR - Kalamazoo, MI
WIIT - Chicago, IL
WITR - Rochester, NY
WIUX - Bloomington, IN
WIXQ - Millersville, PA
WKKL - West Barnstable, MA
WKWZ - Syosset, NY
WLCA - Godfrey, IL
WLFR - Ponoma, NJ
WLOY - Baltimore, MD
WLSO - Sault Ste. Marie, MI
WLUR - Lexington, VA
WLVR - Bethlehem, PA
WMCO - New Concord, OH
WMCX - West Long Branch, NJ
WMEB - Orono, ME
WMHB - Waterville, ME
WHMC - South Hadley, MA
WMHD - Terre Haute, IN
WMHW - Mt. Pleasant, MI
WMLU - Farmville, VA
WMPG - Portland, ME
WMTS - Murfreesboro, TN
WMUR - Milwaukee, WI
WMVL - Purchase, NY
WNHU - West Haven, CT
WNSU - Fort Lauderdale,FL
WOWL - Boca Raton, FL
WPND - Norwalk, CA
WPPJ - Pittsburgh, PA
WQAC - Alma, MI
WRDP - Chicago, IL
WRFW - River Falls - WI
WRHU - Hempstead, NY
WRKC - Wilkes-Barre, PA
WRNC - Ashland, WI
WRPI - Troy, NY
WRSE - Elmhurst, IL
WRST - Osh Kosh, WI
WASJ - Grove City, PA
WSBF - Clemson, SC
WSDP - Canton, MI
WSIA - Staten Island, NY
WSIN - New Haven, CT
WSPN - Saratoga Springs, NY
WSRU - Slippery Rock, PA
WSUP - Platteville, WI
WTCC - Springfield, MA
WUIC - Chicago, IL
WUMF - Farmington, ME
WUMM - Machias, ME
WUSM - Hattiesburg, MS
WVCW - Richmond, VA
WVMM - Grantham, PA
WVUD - Newark, DE
WVUR - Valparaiso, IN
WVVS - Valdosta, GA
WWHR - Bowling Green, KY
WWUH - West Hartford, CT
WXCI - Danbury, CT
WXCU - Columbus, OH
WXJM - Harrisonburg, VA
WZLY - Wellesley, MA
WZMB - Greenville, NC

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Fan Appreciation Month of March

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING for the month of March 2011. This is to celebrate our current national radio campaign (up to 300 stations) and to show some love and appreciation for our fans and soon to be fans. We will be posting the stations that are playing our stuff across the USA and Canada very soon so keep your eyes peeled on website announcements, Facebook, and Twitter. Once we post them, do us a solid and call the stations and tell them to play Lucid Grey. The first single is "Free", but they may play whatever you wanna hear.

We had a great CD celebration in Lexington last night with special guests Split Nixon, Freddy and the Kruegers, and Octolux. Thanks to all who came in support and had a great time with us. More tour dates coming soon.


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Barricades on Rockband Network!

Hey everyone,

Our song Barricades is now available on Rockband Network http://www.rockband.com/songs/UGC_5005383 . Many Thanks to our good buddy Frankie Castellano for putting in the work on transcribing the tracks for Rockband. Mad skills Frankie.

So download it and play it in the comfort of your own home. Hope you have fun. More soon!

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Eucatastrophe CD ART!

Hey guys and gals,

We are especially happy with the artwork done on the CD, conceived by ourselves and realized and perfected by Dboy Designs. It all tells a story that goes along with the lyrics. Of course to see it all you'll need to purchase the CD from our website store. We'll mail it out the next business day. It comes with a 12 page booklet of lyrics as well. Hope you dig it. 


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